Arlington, MA

Rob_1_nik_1 nose shadow_320Rob Holt has photographed extensively across the United State for the past fifteen years. Originally an architect, he now trains his eye towards the natural world and the spirit of place. He especially enjoys capturing the many qualities of color and light found in the various regions of the country, as well as photographing the shape interactions and forms found in both the built and natural environments. Rob’s photography is represented in private collections in the USA and Canada, and he has exhibited his work in galleries and museums in the West and the Northeast. Rob’s photo tours in the Southwest and New England are geared towards all levels of proficiency, and provide high levels of individual attention. On all his tours, Rob guides his clients towards the beauty to be discovered in both the common and the unusual, and suggests the way to the photographic compositions that can be unveiled there.

photo by Tina Ziyin Tang