Boston Tour

Boston Tour Testimonial

“I took the Boston photo tour with Rob Holt in May, 2014. Rob has a passion and love for what he does, and a desire to share photographically what he has found, in both a professional and wholehearted way. Backed by years of scouting and armed with a detailed timetable, Rob knows precisely the right time for the best quality of light at any location. The result for me was a rich collection of urban photographs!

Your longing to find uncommon beauty in a place will become a reality. Rob will show you the unusual views in ordinary locations. He guides your eye towards some geometric, clean compositions that you might not have seen on your own – not only in the physical forms, but also in the surrounding light patterns and reflections. He knows the city well, having been an architect in Boston, and his stories on the history of the architecture and some of the construction challenges were extra treats for the trip. I recommend this half day photo tour with Rob!”

- Tina Ziyin Tang, Shenzhen, China
Rhode Island School of Design |CE
Certificate Program, Digital Photography